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Rental Agreement


1.Check-in: 4 PM / Check-out: Noon 

2. Payment: $200.00 deposit at time of reservation with 50% payment due 3 months prior to rental date and payment in full due 30 days prior to rental start date.

For reservations made more than 6 months in advance $200 deposit and payment as above.

For reservation made within a month of rental: total payment in full is due.

3.The $200 deposit is a security deposit and will be held after your stay until the property is inspected. If properly cleaned and no damage is found the security deposit will be returned within 30 calendar days.

4. Maintenance problems should be reported to the owners ASAP.

5. Prior to check-out:

  • straighten furniture, make beds, sweep & vacuum floors, wash kitchen floor, wash & put away dishes, wipe out refrigerator inside, clean all bathrooms ( wipe down mirrors, vanity, sink, shower walls, bathtub, toilet, and floors. Shake out rugs wash if necessary), remove trash, ensure that personal items are not left, turn off all lights, and lock door knob & deadbolt.
  • Off season turn off heat or A/C, during summer leave thermostat set at 78 degrees.

6. Monday & Thursday place trash barrel opening toward street at end of driveway.

7. Computer wireless Broadband internet access is available for use. No computer is onsite.

8. Smoking is prohibited inside the house and on any of the decks.

9. Obey occupancy limit:  ten persons.

10. Local health codes prohibit use of recreational vehicles on rental property.

11. Use conservative measures for A/C ensuring windows are closed.

12. Leave refrigerator & freezer settings at medium level.

13. Respect locked owners’ cabinets.

14. Use non-abrasive cleanser on fiberglass tub & shower.

15. Do not flush non-disposable items in toilets; house is equipped with septic tank.

16. Use outside shower to rinse beach sand; avoid beach sand from entering indoor plumbing via showers or clothes washer.

17. Grill only at permanent park grill located in the backyard.

  • No portable grills allowed on decks

18. Take storm warnings seriously!

  • In case of evacuation: unplug TV's, DVD and VCR's, and  microwave, turn off main power circuit breaker located behind  the back bedroom door, leave the refrigerator and  freezer doors open, bring deck furniture inside, and turn off main water faucet located under the front steps outside..

19. All beds have mattress covers, pillows, & comforters, extra blankets are in the closets.  Linens are needed for: king bed, queen bed, & 4 twin bunks.

20. The following is a suggested check list to assist in packing & shopping:

  • Paper products: napkins, paper towel, toilet paper, trash bags, clear foil wrap, dish & HE laundry soap, soap, shampoo,  and hair conditioner.
  • Beach products: sunscreen, towels, umbrella, beach chairs, mat, toys, rafts.
  • Food products: staple items, condiments, meals, & snacks (Food Lion 1 mile).
  • Personal items: clothing, towels, toiletries, prescription medications, etc.
  • Miscellaneous items: radio/Ipod with speakers, batteries, CD's, DVD’s movies, game system to connect to TV, bicycles, rollerblades, fishing gear.

21. Relax! And have FUN!

This is a "healthy" home. Safe for you, your family, and the planet.

Shaklee "Get Clean" nontoxic, biodegradable, earth friendly cleaning products are used. No smoking inside please. Energy efficient light bulbs are in place; turn off when not in use. We encourage conservative use of heat and A/C; remember to keep doors and windows closed when in use. 

To save energy hang wet towels outside rather than using clothes dryer.

Only run dishwasher when it is at full capacity.

"Going Green" is easy with Shaklee's Get Clean. Recommended by Oprah.

Helping to create healthier lives!